Run B2B Tech Like E-commerce Store

Empower B2B with E-commerce Ops using Performance Ads, Data, Automation & Dark Funnel Strategies

Traditional B2B Sales & ABM methods are falling short!  

Are you making these mistakes? 

Are you tired of aimlessly sending cold emails and LinkedIn messages only to see minimal results?

Are you spending a fortune on listing sites like G2, Gartner, and Clutch without seeing a significant return on investment?

Are you too heavily dependent on expensive events and conferences for lead generation? Only to find your efforts are not yielding the desired results

Do you suspect any of these?

Unproductive "Demo" Meetings that waste time. 

Low lead Conversion on website pages.

Difficulty Scaling ABM Efforts.

If the answer to any of the above queries is yes, then you are not alone.  

Many businesses struggle with traditional ABM. Today's B2B Marketing demands more than blogs, whitepapers, cold outreach, third-party platform lists, or event attendance with business cards.

So, What's Missing? 

You may not be harnessing the power of e-commerce strategies

Not Leveraging "Intent Data" & "Account Reveal" Insights

In a cookieless world, lacking insights on web and app visitors and user behavior and not leveraging 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-party intent can make or break ABM

Lack of "Performance-based Advertising Campaigns"

Performance ABM is a strategic approach that targets high-value accounts by tailoring personalized PPC and social campaigns to their specific needs using customized content and creatives.

Lack of "Dark Funnel" Strategies

Buyer's journey involves researching, gathering info, and engaging with content, often beyond a brand's owned channels or trackable by traditional analytics.

Lack of Automation, Personalisation & Omni-Channel Engagement

ABM depends on personalized engagement to connect with key accounts and drive conversions. Crafting hyper-personalized messages using user accounts & product data is essential for meaningful engagement throughout the buyer's journey across multiple channels.

Insufficient Insights from Web and Product analytics.

Data is a powerful tool in both e-commerce and ABM. Lack of web & Product data  and Inadequate data and insights about target accounts can hamper the effectiveness of ABM campaigns 

Lack of Conversational Marketing Systems.

Not engaging through chat, support, and helpdesks can severely limit ABM campaign effectiveness. Harness the power of Whatsapp marketing, SMS, ChatBot, in-app messaging, and push notifications, is important to elevate your B2B marketing success

The Future Of B2B Sales is "Experience."

Empower B2B marketing with E-commerce Ops: Data, Performance ABM, and Marketing Automation.

The B2B Funnel Experience™️ Loop

Funnel Experience ™️ Loop is a groundbreaking framework for creating powerful customer experiences(CX) at scale throughout the B2B customer journey.

Increase B2B Sales Velocity Using Funnel Experience™️ 

So, What Is Funnel Experience(FX™️) Loop?  


Funnel Experience™️ Loop is a framework that combines the best of B2B sales funnels and retention marketing to create a full-cycle sales & ABM engagement solution at scale.

 Hi! I’m Ritesh Osta

I'm a Product Marketing and ABM Consultant.
I help B2B Tech Startups, SaaS & B2B companies increase sales velocity and create winning customer experiences(CX)  using my Funnel Experience™️  Loop Framework.

I Help B2B Tech & Enterprise with:

Performance ABM campaigns  

I specialize in ABM-focused PPC strategies, such as customer match, similar audiences, radius targeting, and dynamic text insertion. I also excel in social media promotion and account-based retargeting. 

Hubspot Management 

With extensive CRM and Sales Automation experience across various industries, I specialize in turning tech businesses into sales powerhouses. Let's leverage HubSpot's Marketing Automation, CRM, and ABM setup to fuel your success

Data-driven & Intent-based ABM Pipeline generation 

Data is vital in e-commerce and ABM, offering insights into customer behavior, preferences, and intent.  Utilizing insights optimizes ABM strategies for improved results. Let's boost your ABM efforts for maximum impact

I Work With:

B2B Tech & SaaS Startups

Cloud-based B2B Enterprise Tech Companies

B2B Software development & Design Partners 

I've Been There, Done that! 

I have been in the Tech Industry for over 16 years and am a Certified SAP, Oracle, and Hubspot Consultant. I am Also Part of the Prestigious Fiverr Pro Community, with over 4.9 Stars.






Years of Tech Experience

Excellent experience! Working with Ritesh made a huge difference in developing my Tech business strategy. He's very professional and delivers extreme value with each lesson. With years of solid experience in the field, he will be a reliable asset to rely on for the success of your business and/or project. I highly recommend him as a consultant to anyone looking for help. He makes a difference.

by Marilisa Barberi, Founder

Here is How We Can Work Together  

1-1 Consulting with me (30 days)

B2B Funnel Experience™️ 

Impact Discovery Program  

It is a step-by-step, data-driven process in which I will work with you to create the right B2B sales funnel plan and conversion strategy using market research and competitor research data alongside ABM strategy, product strategy, and Funnel Experience™️ map.

4 Weeks Program        2 Sessions / Week   

Book Now

4- 12 weeks project implementation 

 Price - $10K Per Implementation* 

Do It For You (Hire My Team)

B2B Funnel Experience™️ Implementation 

I will help you implement the ABM stack using FX, which includes intent data, account reveals, performance ads and personalized outreach campaigns integrated with hyper-personalized marketing automation, CRM, and Chatbot engagement tools to create incredible customer experiences.

Book Now

Coaching for Teams (30 days)

Funnel Experience™️ 

Impact Team Coaching Program (4 weeks) 

It's a 4-week continuous discovery program in which I will train your team to leverage the B2B Funnel Experience™️ framework to quickly build a winning full-stack ABM funnel and conversion strategy and implement a sustainable growth system for consistent leads and customers.

4 Weeks Program         2 Sessions / Week

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Want to increase sales velocity?  

Straight From The Horse's Mouth:

Being a consultant for over a decade, these client reviews are directly from Fiverr and Upwork.

Ritesh is a rockstar! Looking forward to working on more projects together :)

— Nathan Figg, Founder -

Wonderful experience. The value received FAR exceeded the amount I paid.

— James Slater, Crypto Startup Founder

Thanks for the fantastic work, which cleared most startups' mind blocks at the launch stage.

— Ali Hashmi, Founder -

Trusted by Global Brands

For more than 16 years, I have worked with fortune 500 companies to mobile-first tech startups and helped them build their go-to-market and customer engagement strategies.

As Featured On:

I loved working with Ritesh. It was so helpful. He helped me align my brand and my funnel, simplifying the process, and he helped me connect the dots so I could launch. He was unequivocal, helpful, and supportive during the process, and he also knew the process well so that we could work through the details in good time. I definitely will be working with him again the next time I need help on additional projects, and I absolutely recommend him

by Liz Flynn, Founder of

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