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Your Current MarTech Stack May Be Broken!

Here are some common MarTech implementation challenges!  

No unified customer data across the funnel.

You may use systems like CRM, email marketing or helpdesk, or product engagement which stores data fragmentarily, creating data silos...

Customer Journey not aligned with sales cycle.

 Creating modern customer journeys involves finding suitable customer avatars, understanding their needs and behaviors, and mapping them with the right products or solutions.

Missing Omni-Channel Engagement

Leveraging the Omni channel strategies is critical to modern business success. e.g., email, social, retargeting ads, in-app notifications, and more. 

Lack of Personalisation in user engagement.

In the age of hyper-personalization, crafting the right message at the right time in the user journey through the proper channels is the key to meeting the demands of modern-day buyers.

Not leveraging the power of automation.

A lot can be automated with today's technology; we have great tools and processes for marketing automation, sales enablement, product on-boarding automation, and more...

Not leveraging Data and Predictive Analytics.

Your Business may be collecting data, but may not use the power of data analysis and prescriptive insight to understand the behavior patterns, sentiments, churn, emotions, etc.

Build an Experience Funnel

The Funnel Experience™️ Way

A groundbreaking process to fill your Sales Pipeline and Increase Sales Velocity!

Funnel Experience Framework (FX™️) takes the best from the world of Sales Funnels, Marketing Automation, and Customer Engagement to create a great customer experience throughout the funnel stack. 

Sales Funnels + Automation + Customer Engagement = Funnel Experience™️.

The Funnel Experience™️ Principles

Identify user personas based on their needs and intent, map with the right product or services, and identify the proper channels to communicate with them.

Deliver a consistent and pleasant experience every time you engage with your customer across web, mobile, emails, in-app, cards, SMS, Chatbots, social media, and more.

Hyper-personalization Is the Future of CX; send the right messages to the right customer at the right time in their Journey using individualized attention to drive an emotional connection.

Use the power of marketing automation, sales automation, product onboarding automation, and user engagement automation to create a better customer experience throughout the lifecycle.

Understand user behaviors, demography, interest, and sentiment to build demand generation strategies that build trust, drive traffic and create commercial opportunities at every conversational touchpoint.

The Funnel Experience™️ Loop

Funnel Experience takes the best from the world of the sales funnel, product marketing, and customer engagement strategies to help engage with your customers throughout the customer journey using the power of automation, user engagement, personalization, and omnichannel messaging.

Insight Led Funnel Discovery
Using the power of advanced market research, audience insights into their behavior and sentiments, and competitor research, we create your customer journey, user path, product messaging, and brand strategy to make the right funnel strategy for your business.

Marketing Automation
Create automated personalized automated messaging across channels like emails, push, conversation, web, and social media based on your users’ behavior, location, and lifecycle stage and convert traffic to leads and prospects on auto-pilot mode.

Sales Automation
Automate your sales follow-up and engagement with the power of workflows, lead scoring, and task management to send omnichannel personalized messages and automated sequences around appointment events, and lifecycle stage transition and chasing down unresponsive leads and prospects.

User Engagement & Product Led Growth
75% of users will want to try the product before buying it. This is where an excellent product-led experience can help a user transition from trial to paying users without the need for too many sales touchpoints through the power of product onboarding, in-app messaging, and product walkthroughs.

Demand generation
Find the relevant channels for your business and run contextual Omni channel campaigns at scale to reach out to the audience at the places they are already hanging out.

We were struggling to be focused on our marketing direction, and after consultation with Ritesh, he brought clarity to what we needed to do moving forward. He introduced several strategies and extra resources and showed us how to utilize them. Ritesh has been a fantastic addition to our team, and we will continue using him to implement the marketing program. We found Ritesh to be friendly, a good communicator, open to ideas, and worked within the agreed timelines

by Carl Nicholas, Founder of an e-commerce startup.

The Funnel Experience™️ Advantage


Increase Sales Velocity 

Fill the sales pipeline faster and increase sales velocity through automation, personalization, and omnichannel engagement.


Complete Full Funnel Martech Stack

Build a full-funnel stack from traffic to conversion with an integrated Martech system with communication across the funnel.


Increase Customer Retention and Product Engagement

Increase customer retention and lifetime value(LTV) and decrease Customer Acquisition cost (CAC).


Better Customer Experiences(CX)

Create an Omni channel engagement system based on contextual, data-driven insights from customer behavior and sentiments and build more fruitful customer relationships; turn Your customers into evangelists.

Ritesh knows his subject exceptionally well. After finishing the project with him, I have a clear vision of my Sales funnel. I highly recommend Ritesh. I definitely will work with him again.

by Dr. Sajay Shah, Founder of Advantis India

The Funnel Experience™️ Process

Create profound customer experiences that last with the power of FX™️ to create meaningful relationships with customers at every touch point.

Step 1

FX™️ Discovery.

Create the right customer journeys, user path along with the product messaging and brand positioning.

Step 2

FX™️ Development.

Build sales funnel and martech stack along with automation and omnichannel  engagement. 

Step 3

FX™️ Demand Gen

Generate traffic and leads for your business and build  sales pipeline using multichannel campaigns

Step 4

FX™️ Data and ROI

Make data-driven decisions and and create predictive analyis based on user behavior and sentiments.

Want to increase sales velocity?  

Ritesh was a fantastic person to work with! He took the time to understand our needs and then worked with us during the entire process to help us brainstorm, create and develop a funnel; he went above and beyond in making recommendations, not only for this project but other areas connected to this project, I would highly recommend Ritesh and plan to work with him and his team in the future.

by Cedric M, Founder

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For more than 16 years, I have worked with fortune 500 companies to mobile-first tech startups and helped them build their go-to-market and customer engagement strategies.

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Ritesh was fantastic to work with; I would hire him again to help and advise. Great guy!

by Coleen Wilson, Founder of

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